Becoming A Supplier - Upload invoices using a spreadsheet to the Supplier Web Portal

Upload your invoices using a spreadsheet or CSV file. This makes invoicing to over 800 ETB Schools and Centres uncomplicated. Simply generate a spreadsheet containing all of the invoices you wish to send to an ETB using the simple format provided below. Once you have registered with the Department of Education by completing the Supplier Set Up Form in step one, you will receive your account details. You will be automatically registered to send invoices to any of the 800 Schools and Centres on the ETB Site Reference List. To send invoices, complete the spreadsheet with the details required and upload the spreadsheet using the Web Portal. Each ETB requires a separate spreadsheet.

If you wish the School or Centre to see the original invoice, simply include it in a ZIP file as a PDF document. Make sure the file name of the pdf is the same as the invoice number.

The following table explains each column on the spreadsheet and how it should be completed.

A sample csv spreadsheet including guidelines can be downloaded here

HEADER INFORMATION Repeat this information for each line of the invoice.

Spreadsheet_Field FormatDescription
Invoice No Str 15 MANDATORY FIELD - the invoice number can be a series of numbers and/or text but there must be no spaces.
Invoice Date Date MANDATORY FIELD. Date of the Invoice that is being sent to the ETB. Use dd/mm/yyyy format. Example: 23/01/2018
Description Str 200 Characters MANDATORY FIELD. The description of the invoice. This should be a short explanation so the ETB will quickly recognise what the Invoice is for.
Comment Str 500 An additional comments you wish to appear on the invoice. Maximum 500 Characters.
Order No Str 25 MANDATORY FIELD. Purchase order number that is issued by the ETB and given to your company.
Invoice Net Amount Money MANDATORY FIELD. The Net Value of the Invoice. i.e. the total amount of the invoice excluding VAT. This must also add up to the total of the Net value of all Lines on the Invoice.
Invoice Vat Amount Money MANDATORY FIELD. The Total amount of VAT on the Invoice. This must also add up to the total of the VAT value of all Lines on the Invoice.
Invoice Gross Amount Money MANDATORY FIELD. Total amount of the Invoice including VAT. This must also add up to the total of the Gross value of all Lines on the Invoice.
Currency Currency MANDATORY FIELD. Currency of the Invoice e.g. EUR Euro, Sterling GBP Only one Currency allowed per invoice.
Credit Note Y or N MANDATORY FIELD. This should be set to N if this is an Invoice and Y if this is a Credit Note. You are not allowed mix Credit Note lines and Invoice lines on an invoice. Invoices and Credit Notes must be sent through as 2 separate documents.
Customer Site Account List of References Provided MANDATORY FIELD. The Site Reference (e.g. EK006) is used to identify every School or Centre for which each invoice is intended. Click here to see the list of site references for each ETB.

LINE INFORMATION For each line on your invoice, repeat the header information and complete.

Spreadsheet_Field FormatDescription
Invoice Line No Number MANDATORY FIELD. Each line on the Invoice must have a unique number e.g. 1
Invoice Delivery Note No Str 20 The Delivery Note number that relates to the line item on the Invoice.
Order Line No Number The line number of the Order received from the ETB.
Invoice Line Description Str 250 MANDATORY FIELD. The description of the Product or Service. This should be as close as possible to the description on the Order sent by the ETB.
Invoice Line Quantity Number MANDATORY FIELD. The Quantity being invoiced.
Invoice Line Unit Cost Money MANDATORY FIELD. The Cost of the Product or Service excluding VAT.
Invoice Line Net Money MANDATORY FIELD. The Invoice Line Quantity x The Invoice line Unit Cost
Invoice Line VAT Currency MANDATORY FIELD. The VAT amount for the Line.
Invoice Line Gross Y or N MANDATORY FIELD. The Invoice Line Net plus the Invoice line Vat
Invoice Line VAT Rate Number MANDATORY FIELD. Rate of VAT being charged for this Line Item. E.g. 23 (Please do not include the % symbol)
Invoice Line VAT Code S or Z S = 23% or 13.5% or 9% VAT; Z= 'Zero' or 'Exempt' VAT
Invoice Line Note Str 500 Any notes to be shown against the Line Item.


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